First Time!

Uncategorized May 20th, 2008

Today is my first time writing blog.. The thing dat i never think i will ever do.. =.=

Today is -Sh- birthday.. So.. Happy Birthday -Sh-!!

Noon i went for training, but still i make my self free for -Sh- birthday dinner wid my gf{MeiMei} n btu frens except zen.. lol.. [i'm so kind]

After dinner went blitz wid -Tz-, -Sh-, Zen, n Allan.. Zen left after 1game.. Y? Coz he need to study..

Den he said “go la u all go play la“.. (sounds farmiliar) Lol.. -Tz- n -Sh- needs a win in DotA after having -10 loosing streaks.. (reli sad)

Before -Sh- birthday ended, v finally won! Congrats..

Send -Sh-, n Allan home.. Surprise to c those 4 gals in mamak.. =.= Guys go cc, gals go gossip.. Lol..


76 Responses to “First Time!”

  1. t Z Says:

    LOL zen

  2. Wen Says:

    another blogger hehex ~
    i wonder when u ppl stop dota-ing = =

  3. Wen Says:

    of coz lar
    rm1.30 can chat for 1 whole nite
    conclusion: cheaper

  4. admin Says:

    =.= i was expecting u all to b in the room.. coz lai lai alwiz say she scare.. somemore so late.. =p

  5. Wen Says:

    they say mamak better to chat ma lolx
    she onli scare to b alone larr ~

  6. zEN Says:

    Dharyl damn sui one,
    when did i say go home study,
    i go home tidur only.

  7. Chun Says:

    wa.. jie fu also become blogger ar..?
    hmm…not bad..
    yesterday kena gek till how ar..?
    got bey tahan bo..?

  8. YoYoHoNG Says:

    Wkakaka enjoy ur first time?… LoL… design your blog make it better! wakakaka!!

  9. t Z Says:

    yes yes we remember your quotes one.

    “KL guys will never be punctual”

  10. lai lai Says:

    in the room??
    i don scare if got ppl around la…

  11. admin Says:

    Walao.. I have blog like to give people zap here.. Lol.. I alwiz punctual leh.. But if tz or sh call me go cc time a bit out.. hehe.. eh.. tz, sh, zen, long time no dota d leh.. How wor?

  12. t Z Says:

    you where got punctual.
    everytime first blood also slow one. wait creep out you only come.
    damn not punctual.

  13. admin Says:

    Eh.. “everytime first blood also slow one. wait creep out you only come.
    damn not punctual.” This sentence not refering to Zen? Y me wor?

  14. zEN Says:

    duh , i damn fast one la…
    but sometimes tz keep force me to fast ,
    made me feel panic then slow lor…!

  15. meimei Says:

    Thanks Hong for the dinner by the way~~ wei, wat gossip??!! is GATHERING ok? but that night in mamak really embarrasing..My Gosh~~did lots of silly things..n laughed so so choice la..when 4 of us like tat one..TAKE IT EASY~~

  16. Wen Says:

    thats the reason why we choose mamak marr
    we btu got so many action actresses one ler

  17. {MeiMei} Says: eh..cannot say like tis..later those KL guy said Bintulu gay very to talk loud loud n time wanna try other mamak..haha..

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