Heading for Test

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Now is 9:19am.

I’m all alone in this study hall.

Woke up early this morning to take bus to Nilai.
Kinda sleepy, but something made me cheered up this morning.


Yeah, It was McD that makes me feel energetic.

While in the bus, I was using my laptop and found out that my laptop battery could last for atleast an hour. Cool. -Lame-

I’m having my first test of this semester.
Consists of 10% of the full marks for this subject. 

How was the preparation?
Not so good as last night I was unable to study much due to my sleepy-ness.
I’m 75% ready for this test. Hopefully I’ll do well.
There’s still some topic I don’t understand.

It’s okay. Good Luck and All the Best to my self. =)






This song is dedicated to my GF!

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This song is dedicated to my lovely girlfriend.
Hope she will be happy and healthy always.

Love You GalGal. ^^

                I’m Yours Lyric

Life changes without online game

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I have lost interest in playing online game after my friends left to UK.
I felt that I’ve spent a lot of time playing games.

And now, I felt that I’ve a lot of time when I play less games.

I now have a lot time. 
Surfing the internet and chatting is the  only thing I’ll do for now.








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Appreciate those people that are close with you. Especially the time spend together.
Appreciate your love ones.
Appreciate everything you have and those that belongs to you.

One day, you lost everything that belongs to you and those love ones too, it will be very sad.

Give a chance to your self to learn how to appreciate everything you have.






My gf is curing from her sickness

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Fast fast cure from your sick-ness GalGal. =)

Then we can go out shopping and watch movie. ^^






tZ is leaving

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Should I be Sad or Happy?


1. No more friend will take me go “study”.
2. No “accompany” in the middle of the night.
3. No more yam cha at any time.
4. No jokes.
5. No more lame-ness.
6. No more YUI.


1. Can save money. ( No more going to a “place” to study)
2. Save time. ( No more going to a “place” to let my time pass so fast)
3. I can start my badminton exercise at night.
4. I can sleep more at night. ( No more going to a “place” that used up my sleeping time)
5. Can spend more time with my Gf. (Lol)
6. Can stop asking my parents permission to go out. (It is tiring to keep asking your parents to let you go out when they don’t allow)


6 Sad Point VS 6 Happy Points 


He is a good friend at sometimes and bad at sometimes too. =) 







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How it starts.. 

1. Tz made me din sleep for the whole night.. We played GGC the whole night.. I felt tired.. But Tz is still so active in the middle of the night.. 

I played GGC with him until 5.30am and I take my bath because I have to take bus to nilai at 7.00am..

Tz insulted me saying : Never mind.. I can sleep.. You go study.. Bye bye.. ( He left me after he is tired)

2. I went college with sleepy face.. Suffered the sleepy-ness..

Until 2.15pm, either i missed my bus or the bus didn’t depart..

Tz was kind enough to fetch me from Nilai for the second time.. ( Welcome tZ)

3. Suppose to head to ftz, but he scare of traffic jam in KL so we directly went to Sungei Wang. I slept for the whole journey bout 1hour.

4. We did shopping in Sungei Wang and Times Square together with Lai, Wen, and Yien Chun with her bf(Eddie). I was tired and sleepy.

5. After done with our shopping and dinner, we head to Asia Cafe. Fetch my gf for yam cha as she is sick and unable to join us for our KL trip.

6. Done with yam cha, time for “studying”. It was quite late at that time. 

7. My “study” ended up badly as I lost 2 games due to tZ’s lame-ness in using some lame hero. (Sad)

8. I was very tired and i reach back home late.

Good Nite.

Once Again!

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Once again.. Tz made me play dota untill 4.19am.. Its ok.. No lose game..

He must be happy.. Lame..

Note:-     Tz says: His meepo is so good. And he ask me to post this up on my blog. 

Btw. Congrats to him because i’ve seen much improvements of his skills. (with the assists of Pudge) =)

Later I’m going to take bus to nilai at 6.30am. I’m not sleeping tonight. This will happen another few more days left. Y? Because Tz is going to UK on Friday. Bb.

After class end at 2pm, I’ll take bus back to Subang. Me, Mei, Tz , Wen , Lai and YC going to Sungei Wang. For jalan-jalan trip. (I’m going to be dead tired) =(

Time for me to rest now.



Coming up Post

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Alot of history.. When got time only post ba..






Things I wan/like to do and also after things I wan to do after Tz go to UK

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First of all, pray my gf cure from her sickness. =)

1. Update my blog frequently.

2. Finish all my assignment and homework on time.

3. Study for test.

4. Continue my badminton once I get my car and after Tz go to UK.

5. Spend more time at home rather than cc.

6. I like driving in the night with my speaker on. (If no speaker I hate driving at night)

7. I like to see Tz die when playing dota.

8. I want to go shopping with my gf!

9. I want to sleep more.

10. I wan to save money to buy new laptop.(Since my dad keep saying I already have a laptop why get new wan? and.. I just bought you a new car.. Please don’t ask for more) =(

To be Continue.